KBS History

A Brief History of
KMITL Business School (KBS)
(By Asst. Prof. Dr. Sudaporn Sawmong)

     King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang Business School, (KMITL Business School (KBS), established by the Institute’s Announcement on the establishment of Business Administration Division in KMITL (Issue 16) 2020 and issued in the Royal Gazette on May 1, 2020, is responsible for the arrangements of learning, teaching, researching, and academic services on business and economics areas, as well as to promote arts and culture. However, KBS has been initiated and developed for nearly 40 years, which can be shown in the following timeline since 1983, in four phases:

   Phase 1 (1983 – 2009): The Development of Business and Economics Management Curriculum, there were basically 4 undergraduate curriculums, on Business Management, named Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Business and Bachelor of Science in Technology Management, Department of Agribusiness, Faculty of Agricultural Technology (During 1983 – 1994), and Bachelor of Business Administration in Agriculture Business and Bachelor of Business Administration in Food Industry Management (During 1996 – 2002); and 1 graduate curriculum, named Master of Science in Industrial Management, Department of Languages and Social Science, Faculty of Industrial Education in 1997.

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   Phase 2 (2010 – 2015): The Formation of Business and Management Studies of two faculties into Administration and Management College (AMC), established by KMITL’s Announcement on the establishment of business units in KMITL (Issue 2) in 2009 and issued in the Royal Gazette on February 1, 2010. The College was responsible for the learning and teaching, researching, academic services on business and management fields, including the promotion of arts and culture. AMC had also developed and revised existing curriculums in three levels: Bachelors of Business Administration in Industry Management, Technology Management, and Agribusiness Management; Master Degree in Business Administration and Ph.D. in Industrial Business Administration

   Phase 3 (2016 -2017): Renamed to be Faculty of Administration and Management (FAM), in order to respond to the new trend and the change of Business Administration Curriculum. At the time, the Faculty of Administration and Management had a total of seven curriculums in two categories: 4 Thai Curriculums and 3 International Curriculums, divided into 3 Undergraduate Curriculums and 4 Graduate Curriculums.

   Phase 4 (2018 – Present): Renamed to be King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang Business School (KBS), announced by Government Gazette, Page 39, Volume 137, dated May 16, 2020. In accordance with the new environment, circumstances, and in the aspect of educational management, the faculty’s policy, vision, mission have been repronounced. Thus, KBS has been structured accordance with Harvard Business School model. It is the time for KBS set the next milestone in success, secure the top honor award from “Eduniversal Selected Distinction” amongst 1000 best Business School in 154 countries worldwide, organized by Eduniversal World Convention 2019, scheduled on October 26-29, 2019; as well as top 35 of world-class ranking by UNITAIR in a dimension of entrepreneurial spirit.

KBS specializes in the fields of Business Entrepreneurship, Management Science, Industrial & Technological Change and Development. KBS has committed to continuously develop its competence, teaching strategies, and learning contents for its programs to ensure that KBS’s graduates are qualified for marketplace. KBS offers a total of 9 Curriculums consisting of 4 Undergraduate Curriculums: Bachelor of Business Administration (International Program), Bachelor of Business Administration (Thai Program), Bachelor of Science in Business and Managerial Economics (Thai Program), and Bachelor of Business Administration in Global Entrepreneurship (International Program); 5 Graduate Curriculums: Master of Business Administration (Thai Program), Master of Business Administration in Industrial Business Administration (International Program), Master of Business Administration in Sport, Media, and Entertainment Management (Thai Program), the Doctoral Program (PhD.) in Industrial Business Administration (Thai and International Program).

   KBS is moving forward to be internationalized and to compete on a global level. Recently, KBS re-structured the school system to be a lean organization, minimizing the workflow and reducing the workload. The good news to KBS, a brand new KBS’s building, an international standard one, is under construction. It consists of modern classrooms, online teaching rooms integrated with online teaching platform, seminar rooms, academic conference rooms, professional practice rooms, the business and economic labs, co-working space, as well as the hall of fame. Yet, KBS has applied international teaching methods to its programs for online/offline, degree/nondegree, re-skill/up-skill training courses. For example, KBS Online, a modern, interactive, dynamic, and powerful E-Learning tool tailored for not only undergraduate, but for higher education, as well as business professionals who are working for small or large, public or private businesses to meet demand for knowledge. KBS Online provides all the aspects of learning, enroller can practice, as well as test their knowledge on the platform. KBS Online is a one-of-a-kind platform for continuous learning, especially in the transmission of COVID-19 Outbreak, to deal with and protect KBS’s students, lecturers, staff; or Business English for Global Entrepreneurs Training Program, whose credits can be accumulated and transferred into BBA Program in Global Entrepreneurship (International Program), emphasized on English for Business, Management Skills, Entrepreneurship Skills. Additionally, KBS also offers an Academic Service Center related to Business Administration to provide academic services, research, training courses such as skill enhancement courses, re-skill and up-skill courses, short course training, credit bank programs, senior executive training programs (Professional Development Program). Furthermore, KBS also has collaboration with the private sectors both domestic and abroad, such as Smart Supervisor Program: collaboration between KBS and Defense Technology Institute, Ministry of Defense, Post-Doctoral Program with Cambridge University, Judge Business School, Homerton College, UK. Beside that, being a selected member of privilege accreditation organizations such as Eduniversial, AACSB is a great opportunity for KBS to collaborate with well-known organizations and education institutions in the network and to upgrade KBS to be a world class business school.

KBS’s courses are shown as follows:


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