Why do we choose to study Business Administration (International Program) at KMITL?
Dr. Sorasak Tangthong
Chairperson of Bachelor of Business Administration (International Program),
Faculty of Administration and Management
King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang

     To study Business Administration (International Program), Faculty of Administration and Management, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, the major goal of the course is to produce graduates to be prepared to enter the business and industrial world as a professional, whether as an entrepreneur, or a professional in an organization, especially Multinational Organization (MNC’s), as well as to be prepared to become a world citizen executive with the skills of Business Acumen, Management Concepts, Analytical Thinking, and Systematic Thinking Process, including to understand the use of technology in administration and management to match the changing global context of digital dynamics.

     The curriculum provides instructional materials that incorporate with digital technology courses, and all the courses will be linked on the importance or the changing digital technology relations of today’s business with Functions and Business Activities, such as Digital Online Marketing, Innovation Entrepreneurships, Technology Start Up, and Digital Disruptive, and also other changing concepts of human resource management together with reinforcing the vision and mission of the institution in science and technology. This also includes the identity of the institution, “honesty, intuitiveness, and perseverance”.

     No matter how the business world changes, one significant thing that never changes is the ability to work with others. Therefore, students who graduate from this course need to have important Competencies and Soft Skills to work, for instance Leadership, Interpersonal Skills, Global Mindset which is important to understand the differences in Cross Cultural, and Diversity in the international context. However, they must not forget the root of Thai. If they are international students who study in the international program, they will certainly absorb charming Thai culture and traditions. The program will provide international enhancement activities for Thai students, and also Thai enrichment activities for international students from other countries around the world, for example, various plans of International student exchange programs, students as participants to join international academic conferences, and visiting foreign and domestic enterprises.

   To produce such qualified graduates is surely not easy, but with the intention of every lecturer in the curriculum, we came to a conclusion. It is necessary that the teaching system must be clearly connected. We believe in the principle of System Theory, which the elements are connected in a consistent way through input, process and output.

Quality of Undergraduate Students

Our program recognizes that student classmates are the most important as this element is a measurement of the quality and success of a course. Although we are a new curriculum, we have a strict selection in recruiting students into the system. The first focus is on fundamental knowledge and English skill which are the essential skills of the learning process in the program. The next focus is on the individuality of the international business administration program that requires students who are committed to entering the business industry. The mentioned individuality includes Leadership, Assertiveness, Alert and Agility, Open Minded, Interpersonal Skills, and Communication and Conceptual Skill.

Learning and Teaching Process and Methods

All of the lecturers in the program as well as the guest lecturers who are invited to teach must organize their teaching process and methods to emphasize and to enhance students to fully use their skills, such as research skills to acquire knowledge from various media online, brainstorming to find solutions on business case studies, sharing experience, giving feedback, and participating in class. Hence the teaching process and methods of the lecturers could be in any forms such as Active Learning, Problem Base learning, Best Practices, Case Study, Phenomenon-Based Learning (PBL), and other methods that focus on focus on student centered learning process.

Faculty Lecturers, Guest Lecturer, and Professors

 Students will have a chance to study with faculty lecturers, guest lecturers, and Professor, both foreigners and Thais who graduated in the field of the study subjects with a consistent academic position and specialized in their teaching subjects. All of them graduated from overseas institutions and/or completed their studies from international programs in the country. Moreover, most of the faculty lecturers have direct experience in private sectors, especially in the large multinational corporations such as General Electric (GE), Ford Motor, Electronic Industry, Oil & Gas industry, and some of them are also the consultancies and do the research work with various companies and industries.

Student Care throughout the Learning and Teaching Process

The faculty lecturers responsible for the curriculum courses have the high spirit of being teacher. Every lecturer has a clear explicit path in common to carry students forward to success. Therefore, the faculty lecturers in this international curriculum are very attentive to student care, take care of their students as their own children from learning and teaching process, guidance to real life, and creating an inspirational spirit. We would like to call this process as “Student Engagement”.

Learning from the Real Business World

The curriculum is designed for students to learn from the real business world, for example, a lecture from an experienced businessman and learning with successful and famous people in the real business world. We aim for our faculty lecturers to invite external experienced businessmen to share their experiences with our students and/or organize field trips to see the industries. This includes Internship Program, Co-Operative Program, and Student Exchanges Programs.


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